Escort services have become much easier and convenient for people since they became available on the internet. Due to this, many escort agencies have closed their offices and now stick only to online platforms for connecting clients with good looking escorts. Escorts today are much mature and professional in providing quality service. One should be careful while choosing an online escort service as there are also many fraud websites which are fooling people for their money while luring them with attractive pictures and promising service. To find legit escort service and avoid being fooled by the frauds, here is what you should keep in mind.

Fake pictures

There are thousands of fake escort websites on the internet. Ads pop up everywhere, promising a memorable experience with unbelievably beautiful escorts. But are they really? The fraud web developers make many mistakes in their ads and web pages which are easy to catch. Constant grammar mistakes, too luring content, and fake pictures of angelic models are the easiest ways to tell that the website is fake. They sometimes even post pictures of famous actresses. You can simply use an image tracking tool to trace back the origin of the pictures. Most of the pictures on such websites are taken from the Google image results. There is no point in exploring the site further.

Credit info first

Never trust a new site which asks your credit information first. The fraud websites offer free services, and when you proceed, you find an info page asking for your email, age, and credit info. It is a big red “No” flashing a fraud website. Try to find an agency which takes cash payments, or make sure that you talk with the model before making the payment.

No escort contact

You should have your escort’s contact details before she arrives to discuss the services one last time. Ask her to send a picture of herself with a note displaying your name. It will prove that the escort is legit and ready to meet you. If the agents resist providing contact details of the escorts, cut the call and do not contact them again.

Different escort

Wait for your escort at the door. If you do not see the escort that you hired and find someone else claiming to be your escort, you are free to close the door on them. Do not accept any compromise on your choices and preferences as the professional escort services would not want to disappoint their clients. Inviting the duplicate or replacement is not only a major compromise but also a potential threat of mugging cases.

No registration

A site should display their registration for running an escort service on their about us page. Many countries do not allow escort services. Make sure that the country you are travelling to has legal rules for escort services. Hiring from a service which is not registered is an invitation to legal troubles which can compromise your identity and money.

Things to Know Before Hiring Escorts Online
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